[Download] 30sec, only a second between victory and loose

30sec, available only on Windows Phone 8, is a simple game tap and hold your finger for exactly 30 second on your screen, without any timer or clock. This is a simple game to play with firends or alone. who will be closer to thirty seconds? Who loses offers everyone!... Continua »

[Download] BrickOut! Break every brick to go to next level

Available in Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, my second game: Brickout! This is a Brickout/arkanoid style game, but without powerups, with random selected levels and horizzontaly oriented Available free in Windows Phone Store and Windows Store DOWMLOAD... Continua »

[Download] Gobble Wobble 2, jump and save the turkey!

Do you remeber Gobble Wobble? Ok, now it's time to play to the new Gobble Wobble 2! This game (100% free) is a runner game and th starring is... a turkey 120 Levels, 4 locations, easy menu, a lot of customizable settings, achievements to unlock and more! Usable with mouse,... Continua »

Zune addio, per la multimedialità c’è Xbox

Sembra essere ormai confermato che Microsoft Zune, programma e servizio della microsoft riguardante la musica, con in piu la possibilità si sincronizzare i Windows Phone, tra qualche mese andrà in pensione per lasciare il posto a... Xbox. Infatti la Microsoft pare aver deciso di chiudere Zune per passare a Xbox,... Continua »