Lumia Update Check updated to 5.0, denim and more! :D

Hi, we have pushed out on the Windows Phone Store the 5.0 of Lumia Update Check app! This is the full changelog: > Native support to Windows Phone 8 > New general interface > Connection problems with some countries are resolved > Lumia Denim firmware update support (UNTESTED) > News... Continua »
[#WINDOWS PHONE] Modern Explorer, the new file manager is now available!

[#WINDOWS PHONE] Modern Explorer, the new file manager is now available!

Windows Phone 8.1 allows users to and developers to navigate and manage files into the phone I decided to create a complete file explorer, with every functions: Copy/Paste/cut/rename/delete etc... Here's the complete changelog for the first version: > Copy/Cut/Paste/delete your files > Single selection or multiple selection > easy tutorial... Continua »

[Download] 30sec, only a second between victory and loose

30sec, available only on Windows Phone 8, is a simple game tap and hold your finger for exactly 30 second on your screen, without any timer or clock. This is a simple game to play with firends or alone. who will be closer to thirty seconds? Who loses offers everyone!... Continua »

[Windows phone] [update] Update Lumia Amber Check to 2.1

Lumia Amber Check gets the 2.1 update, there are some fixes and new functions > Added the "Review" button > Countries in the last place on the list now can be tapped > Added the "not available" status (as gray) > Improved the Background service button > Other minor fixes... Continua »


Hi, Check out the new Lumia Amber Check update! Here's the changelog: > Better interface, now a native list will be shown instead of a generated webpage > Now you can set as important a phone model by tapping and holding a list entry > Added an Amber+GDR2 changelog, to... Continua »


Hi guys, i announce today my first app for Windows Phone o.s. ! Lumia Amber Check it's an app that ckeck if the Nokia Amber update is available for your Nokia Lumia (520-620-720-820-920 + Country Variants) Select the country (all the world!), look at the table and search for your... Continua »

[Download] Gobble Wobble 2, jump and save the turkey!

Do you remeber Gobble Wobble? Ok, now it's time to play to the new Gobble Wobble 2! This game (100% free) is a runner game and th starring is... a turkey 120 Levels, 4 locations, easy menu, a lot of customizable settings, achievements to unlock and more! Usable with mouse,... Continua »

[Video] Solomon’s key ROM Corruption

Yes, after the Super Mario Brothers ROM Corruption, there is the first serious video about Corruption of NES and SNES ROMS In This episode there is Solomon's key ROM, with 7 iterations... The video description and text is in english (not in italian) This is the video with the new... Continua »

In arrivo un nuovo gioco: Gobble Wobble 2

Dopo la prima versione, è in arrivo il secondo capitolo del gioco vincitore della competizione a tema 2012 "Scegli il titolo" svoltosi su GameMakerItalia Le novità saranno tantissime, nuovi modi di controllare i ltacchino, piu liveli, piu flessibile e adattabile, aggiornabile e non solo e chi lo sà, potrebbe arrivare... Continua »