Firmware Update Check – submit a translation!

Hi! Welcome to the “Translate Firmware Update Check” page.
Here you will find link or resources to get and write your translation.

At the moment, almost every Language available within the app is featured by Bing translator, not a big deal…

If you want you can submit your translation by creating your translation and then send it to me by my social networks or e-amil.

Obviusly you will be quoted within the app, but I can’t send you a money reward.

When you send me the translation, it’s important to give me:
> Your name or nickname
> A contact link that will be showed within the app
> The Language (you can give me a Language not available too).
> If you send me the translation via mail, write [Firmware Update Check translation] as object.

Download the translation table for Firmware Update Check 5.5.x (Excel file)

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